Imagine driving to work in a smooth, silent electric vehicle without ever having to hear a gasoline engine the whole way. Of course, you'd also be aware of the fact that your car is producing zero exhaust emissions. No hydrocarbons, no nitrogen oxides, and no carbon monoxide. Nothing. Then imagine being able to operate this electric vehicle over any distance without fear of it fully discharging its battery to leave you stranded.

That's the whole idea of Chevrolet's new Volt. It's a concept completely unlike all the 'hybrid' vehicles out there. Those hybrids are essentially gasoline-engine cars with electric-assist. And that's not a bad thing, but the big difference is that the Volt is an "Extended Range Electric Vehicle", also known as EREV.

The Chevy Volt is powered by a three-phase AC induction motor rated at 120 kilowatts that is supplied by a nearly six-foot-long array of lithium-ion cells mounted low along the car's floor pan. That's enough juice to propel the Volt to 60 mph in about nine seconds, and achieve a top speed of 101 mph.

Of course, nobody really needs that much speed and power all of the time, but it's nice to have something in reserve. Besides, nobody wants to drive a slow-poke that should be reserved for the slow lane, regardless of its power source.

When driven at a reasonable speed, the Volt will go 40 to 50 miles on its batteries in full Electric Mode. That's far enough to meet the round-trip commuting requirements of 80-percent of the population. When the battery charge gets low, an on-board 1.4 liter four-cylinder generator will come online automatically and continue to supply the electric motor's needs for about 370 additional miles!

When running in this Extended Range Mode, the generator does not attempt to recharge the battery pack. That job is better handled by the power grid, which can do that at a far lower cost. The Extended Range Mode allows the Volt to be driven to the nearest convenient electric outlet without ever stranding its owner, however far that is.

For much longer trips, even if a standard 120-volt outlet were unavailable, the driver can refuel the 9.3 gallon tank with gasoline which can continue to power the Volt's electric motor until you arrive at your home, work or other destination where you have time to recharge.

A full charge takes about four hours at a 240-volt outlet, and about ten hours at a household 120-volt outlet. You never have to worry about "running out of juice" in the Chevy Volt. Even if you are unable to get a "full charge" while at work or away from home, the Volt gives you peace-of-mind from its on-board 53-kilowatt generator.

These operating modes are transparent to the driver. Since the internal combustion engine that powers the generator is not hooked to the drivetrain with a conventional transmission, most vehicle occupants are unlikely to notice when the generator comes online.

In fact, occupants will only hear the engine run in the event that the driver calls upon the Volt to maintain a high speed on an uphill climb. The gasoline engine can, if needed, assist with the load and it might become audible. The rest of the time, the Volt is peacefully quiet. So quiet that GM engineers added a friendly pedestrian-notification 'chirp' operated by the turn signal stalk to gently warn pedestrians of its presence.

The Volt is a unique electric vehicle, even so it is a complete car with a very long list of standard features such as available Premium Leather interior, an entertainment and interactive information center that includes Touch-Screen Navigation, Bluetooth and USB Interface for your SmartPhone and other devices, and a fully automatic Climate Control System to best use the main battery system for Air Conditioning and Heating controls. Even a Rear-View Backup Camera and Parking Sensor package is available.

There are no compromises to be made with the new Chevy Volt. You just get in and go!

Studies show that the national average for a 'daily commute' to and from work is 40 miles or LESS for about 76% of American drivers. After an overnight charge, the VOLT will travel its first 40 miles gas and emissions-free. (It was recently announced that you can get up to 50 miles in 'All-Electric-Mode' under optimum conditions!) When the battery gets low, the on-board generator comes online to give you an additional 300 'worry-free' miles.

Some commuters do travel just a little bit further than 40 miles, and you can see on the chart above that a 60 mile round trip would only use about 0.56 gallons of gas. That calculates out to 107.14 MILES PER GALLON.

So, when you think of the VOLT and its 'Extended Range' generator, don't ask yourself "How many miles-per-gallon does it get?"... Instead, think about "How many Gallons-Per-Year?"

It is possible, if your average commute is 40 miles or less round trip, that you would use NO GAS at all. In fact, it is possible to travel 15,000 miles in one year and use LESS than 16 gallons of gasoline. A conventional hybrid car, like the Prius, would use about 295 gallons of gas.

Many "early adopters" of this new technology in electric car design have calculated that they will benefit from an average 90% reduction in the amount of gas that they will use in 1 year... 90% !!!

How far will you go in the New 2014 Chevrolet VOLT?

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